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Welcome to Destined To Succeed  Employment Assistance Agency

We believe that everyone is destined to succeed and deserves a second chance.

The Right Employment Agency For You

Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. Destined to Succeed Employment Assistance Agency has the tools to connect companies with the best recruits, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs for all of their qualifications. If you live in the greater Milwaukee area, we can help you. We believe that no matter your experience, you are destined to succeed and deserve a second chance. Here we don't just want to get you a job, but also help you obtain the skills you need to start a career. Get in touch with us today.

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Soft Skills Training

Here at Destined to Succeed Employment Assistance Agency, we focus on preparing you for the position and job that you want and need. Before we place you, we want to equip you so that when the time comes for you to transition from temp to permanent, you already have the skills to be able to succeed. 

Second Chance

We aim to be leaders in helping those individuals who are Justice-Involved. We understand first hand that everyone deserves a second chance.  Our goal is to provide sustainable employment for all individuals.


Meet the team


Dr. Shawna Whitehead- Starks

Chief Executive Officer


Sondaya Weddle

Chief Operating Officer

Up Coming Events

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Second Location

We at Destined to Succeed Employment Assistant Agency is excited to expand to another city in Wisconsin. Our desire to be able to give second chances to more individuals has to led us to Racine, WI. We are located at

4060 N Main Street Racine, WI 53204

Stop by and let us help you!

Connect With Us

Milwaukee Office

4429 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53216

Racine Office

4060 N Main Street 

Racine, WI 53204


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Working Together
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